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If you find yourself on a site that autoplays video or audio Firefox will now stop the autoplay before it can start. If you’d like to hear or see it, just click on the play button to watch it. It’s easy to do and makes noisy sites mind their manners. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or another social media site, they tend to automatically mute video content. Block Autoplay won’t stop the video from playing and instead the video will play without sound as the sites intend them to.

There are two ways to block auto run videos in Firefox but the simpler and more reliable method may be to download Flash Block.

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Firefox has some great features, but one of my favorites is the ability to disable autoplay for videos. We’ve all had one of those moments: your speakers are turned up and you browse to a website with an annoying advertisement that plays immediately.

This feature stopped working for me somewhere in the Firefox 65 beta releases. Also, the usual setting in the preference page (under Privacy & Security ) seems to be missing.

Luckily we can edit Firefox’s configuration directly to get this feature working again. Open up a new browser tab, go to about:config , and adjust these settings:

  • Set “media.AutoPlay.default” to “1” to disable video AutoPlay for all sites
  • Set “media.AutoPlay.AllowMuted” to “false” to disable video AutoPlay even for muted videos

Those changes take effect for any new pages that you open after making the change.