Supplying the Distributed Computing Power for Medical Researches Sri Lanka

Supplying the Distributed Computing Power for Medical Researches Sri Lanka.

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Introduction 3

What can we do as IT professionals? 4

Proposed Objectives 5

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This document aims to serve as the Scope of the Proposed Distributed Computing Power Supply Platform for ongoing & future medical researches in Sri Lanka.

For most of this month, it’s been difficult to have a conversation without invoking the word “coronavirus” at some point. The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the COVID-19 disease it causes have quickly brought life to a standstill in much of the West, after already having a similarly chilling effect in parts of China earlier this year.

Now this COVID-19 has arrived in Sri Lanka too. To fight against this COVID-19 Sri Lankan Medical researchers have started some medical researches to find a cure. And now they are facing difficulty with the lack of Computing power. This proposed Platform is to provide the computing power from external computers remotely.

What can we do as IT professionals?

As IT Professionals we could help them with developing a distributed computing Platform for their tasks. We can donate our processing power simply by using this platform.

Researchers need a large scale of computing power to execute their datasets towards the results. As they are not having that much power to do things in Sri Lanka we could help them with developing this platform.

Now we should pay the attention to this power distribution platform concept to help medical research for the task about vanishing COVID - 19

Virus and give our support to minimize the danger in Sri Lanka as well as the whole globe.

This concept has become a truth internationally but in Sri Lanka, we have not enough resources to fulfill this medical research. As the purpose of rising against COVID-19, we should take this step forward.

In Sri Lanka, this will be a great step to move forward with science and according to the dangerous situation in the whole globe as well as Sri Lanka these days. We should take this step to build this platform in Sri Lanka to help medical research not only COVID-19 but as well as other research.

Proposed Objectives

  • To supply computing power for medical researchers Sri Lanka using distributed Computing power technology.
  • The main goal is to provide a platform to execute medical datasets in accordance with finding cures for COVID-19 as well as future research too.
  • To make the Sri Lankan research industry rich with Technology without having a lack of technical resources.


The whole globe should be faced with a critical situation due to this COVID-19. For finding solutions for the danger situation ,scientists are trying to find solutions with resources. As the purpose of this , there is a platform to distribute power and people can contribute internationally.

In Sri Lanka, scientists are doing research but don’t have enough technological resources. To provide the required computing power, we need to build this platform. It will be a great step taken by IT professionals to the whole Sri Lankan research industry.