Restructure FOSS Community NSBM

Restructure FOSS Community NSBM

  1. Work through the forum. (Issue a badge according to their contributions)
    Through replying threads and contributing to the foss, Mozilla projects,
    They can build up their profile as a Volunteer, Moderator, Coordinator, and Core Member.

  2. As the open-source constitution should open every event detail and its’ process.
    As the event details, we can include that how many volunteers are there and their contributions’ screenshots.
    Sahould create a Complain Suggestion Form for 24 hours publicly.

  3. Monthly Meetup - As the next step we should inform about this monthly meetup by Sending an email like Newsletters.

  4. Privacy is the most important, according to Mozillians.

Print no photography badge for the physical event. (if there is a no photography badge anyone can’t take a photo without permission)

So, therefore, we should make a privacy team.

  1. OWASP Community - should build a website as “”. There is a dashboard with an update of whether our services are working or not.

The Privacy team’s duty is protecting our services from cyber-attacks.
If someone changes some settings regarding the, It should inform the Privacy team.

  1. Should create a unique template for the Foss Blog.

  2. We have to make a digital marketing team.

  3. Should verify a stable platform for the conference calls of Foss Community.

Special Suggestions

Use auth0 for user managing.

Suggestions of the Privacy team should come up through the voting from other volunteers.

Thumbnail template for the blog.

Create a post-approval system for the blog.

Should plan an event from Devoke Community.

Use open collective to make budget publicity.

All suggestions are welcome