Council Structure Documentation

Council Structure Documentation

  • Core Members become Council Members.

  • The active members are selected from the current academic batches which are in the FOSS Council.

  • Share a form through FOSS Forum to select the active members.

  • The active members of the Council will be overlooked by their respective Immediate Seniors.

  • All the other seniors (graduated) will act as Consultants for the Council.

  • Only the active members will get the voting power.

  • A Council Meeting will take place once in every week, and it is compulsory for every active member to actively participate in it.

  • If any active member didn’t participate for three consecutive Council meetings without a valid reason or five consecutive Council Meetings with valid reasons, his/her voting power and the active membership will be revoked.

  • If you have any excuses, you can mention that in the Weekly call excuses category available in the FOSS Forum.

  • If any member whose voting power was revoked, wants to get it back, he/she has to actively participate in five consecutive Council meetings.

  • One active member should coordinate the weekly call.

  • It is a must to maintain the Community transparency.

    • Meeting minutes of the Volunteer calls must be publicly published in the FOSS Forum.
    • Meeting minutes of the Council Meetings must be publicly published in the FOSS Forum.
    • Every decision taken by vote must be publicly published in the FOSS Forum.
  • It is a must for the Council Members to maintain a highly positive attitude.

  • The Council Members must overlook and take the responsibility of the active continuation of the teams.

  • Every active member will get a FOSS NSBM Community mail (

  • Once a Council Member gets revoked by being inactive, his/hers email will be temporarily declined.

  • Two anonymous complaint/suggestion separate Opened CS forms will be shared among the council group and the FOSS NSBM volunteer groups every month.

  • To review the monthly CS form, a volunteer call will be taken at the end of every month.

  • Cc’s responsibilities are divided among each Council member.

  • There will be three members for CC group, FOSS mail & community, selected from the council. (In 2020, these members will be selected from the 18th batch. In 2021, it will be selected from the 19th batch. Likewise…)

  • Council members will be able to nominate themselves for these three categories.

  • Vote will be conducted via the FOSS forum.

  • Active Council members will have the power to vote.

  • Members whose voting power was revoked should request the “Council Voting Power Request” via the Council category available in the FOSS Forum.

  • The FOSS works as a council without a position called cc within the nsbm.

  • The Athul program is put in the foss forum and approved by taking a vote from the volunteer.

  • As a mozilla council, I am making a video of foss nsbm working now and publishing it in groups and nsbm on TV.

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