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Meeting Minutes

Ask Foss

Event description - A discussion about the Free and Open source software. This event will go through the forum. In the forum, there is a category created for the FOSS related discussions. Within the week anyone can contribute to that category and finally in the discussion, we hope to recognize the exact answers for the questions by voting to the answers. This is a great chance to build up your community profile and to become a recognized member of the FOSS Community NSBM. (All answers will be discussed and moderated)

Event date - 18th Thursday
Marketing - Should create Posts and short videos about how to contribute to the forum.
First post - Tomorrow (#askfoss)
Contribution Time - 1 Week

Azure Cloud - June 24-25
Cloud event should organize with DevOps and devoke communities.

Monthly meetup (June) - June 28-30

1st physical events after the University starts - Flutter, firebase

Should create documentation for the Foss restructure.

Meeting Minutes

Volunteers for Announcing - Amanda & Ishan

Select the top 3 contributors for askfoss - Confirmed

Designing Team -
Nimesh Kavinda, Lahiru Udawatta, Chamodie Pubudini, Hiruna Gayashan, Kavindu Yasintha, Ishan Chanuka, Thaanu Perera, Thilina Pathirage, Shehan Chamike
(And also, any design interest members can join this team)