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Question Order

  1. What is FOSS? - Lakindu Kariyawasam

  2. Why use FOSS? - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  3. What is FOSS Compliance? - Amanda Siriwardane

  4. What is mean by free Software? - Senali Madawala

  5. Is freeware and free software the same thing? - Senali Madawala

  6. What is mean by open-source software? - Senali Madawala

  7. Are the characteristics of open-source software similar to software freedom? Clarify the answer? - Senali Madawala

  8. Who invented open source software? - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  9. What are the values of Open Source? - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  10. What are the main characteristics of foss? - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  11. What is the advantage of using open-source software? - Ishan Chanuka

  12. What are the Free and Open-Source Softwares that are made in our Country? - Upasara

  13. When we using free software we have the four essential freedoms, What are they? - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  14. Why do people endorse Foss? Explain and give the benefits - Lahiru Udawaththa

  15. What is the most popular open-source software - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  16. What is open source license? Give some examples and describe one license - Buddika Dhananjaya

  17. Why do people prefer using open source software? - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  18. What is Mozilla and how is it related to Foss? - Akila Siriwardena

  19. What is GNU? - Dinushi Dhananjanai

  20. What is the gnu project in Linux and who invented it? - Harindu Lakshan

  21. Why we use GitHub and what benefits it can get to us? - Buddika Dhananjaya

Last Question - What are the Free and Open-Source Softwares that made in our country?