Add-on project

Women in FOSS NSBM
November 30, 2020


Building an add-on to make a university student’s day to day life easier.


  1. Shortcut to specific Learning Management Systems: Integrate a few buttons which will link to NSBM LMS, DLE, etc.
  2. Reminders: Push notification for submissions as a reminder.


This add-on will be published in the Mozilla add-on portal and in the chrome store.


V1.0 Shortcut to Learning Management Systems.

As described above.

V2.0 Submission reminders:

As described above.

V3.0 Send/Receive notes.

Lectures can send special notes to students.

V4.0 Link to the specific profile of each student.

The button click will navigate to the specific user profile.

How to join the project

Github Repository

Slack - by joining " # add-on-project " channel in fossnsbm workspace.

Thank you!

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