Add-on-project meeting - 01

Date: 21/12/2020

Title or Purpose: To start the project


Addon Name - Ketchup version 1.0 (Can change later, if want)

Discussed the overview of the project.

  • Building an add-on to make a university student’s day to day life easier.
  • Shortcut to specific Learning Management Systems:- Integrate a few buttons which will link to NSBM LMS, DLE, etc.
  • Overview of the project

We decided to use the GitHub Project to continue this project. (Git Repo)

  • Anyone can add tasks and assign someone to it and those tasks can be done on Kanban boards
  • According to the tasks, we should create milestones to work with a deadline
  • All project members must be enrolled in the Foss NSBM organization in GitHub.

We can discuss everything in Slack Channel.

Anyone can organise calls to clarify the project related works and do the project continuously.

Should maintain the Git Repo with a good appearance.

As the first task should design a small UI for the addon interface.

Future goal - Publishing the addon version 1.0 before the January 1st

Future Implementations - It will continue after the 1st release. (On January)


  • Creating a UI for the addon as the first work.
  • It is better to create a popup add-on as the first version
    (Also can build addon to open a new page by clicking the addon icon)
  • Starting to code as the created UI after the first work.


  1. Harindu Lakshan
  2. Senali Madawala
  3. Dinushi Dhananjani
  4. Sankalpani
  5. Indukilana Botheju
  6. Wenupa
  7. Mihin
  8. Matheesha Nayanajith
  9. Hiruna
  10. Chamodie Pubudini
  11. Amanda Siriwardena
  12. Nethmi Kodikara
  13. Suraji Ekanayaka
  14. Avishka Sooriyapperuma
  15. Ruchira Kavinda
  16. Hansi Gayathma
  17. Neha Shiyakumar

All suggestions are welcome