13/11/2020 Meeting Minutes - RSVP

Date: 13/11/2020

Title or Purpose: FOSS Project Discussion


  • There should be two groups, the frontend and the backend team.
  • Anyone can work on both teams if they like.

Background Process

Front-end team

  • Building wireframes - suggested doing a small discussion with the seniors who are specialised for UI/UX
  • Develop small apps - after the wireframes try to build small frond-end apps

Back-end team

  • Drawing UML diagrams for first
  • API map (whole project plan create through this)
  • How to build rest API - HTTP methods

Project process

  • Requirement gathering

    • Get ideas from seniors through the small survey.
    • What are the requirements?
    • Should make requirements as user stories
  • System designing

    • The Front-end team can move with the wireframe.
    • The Back-end team can move to API map and other required diagrams.
  • Development Phase

    • Correction of deficiencies in current UI.
  • Suggested using Netlify for hosting.

  • To create a user story, we should recognize the user group

  • User group (which groups you have targeted & which features they use)

    • University students
    • School students
    • Tech enthusiastic people
    • Non-technological people
  • Can divide subgroups according to knowledge, usabilities.

User Roles:

By the System

  1. Admin
  2. Super Admin
  3. Moderator

By User

  1. NSBM Users
  2. Outside Users

Drew a Usecase diagram for the project

Diagram link:-

GitHub Project link:-


  1. Ganindu Abeysekara
  2. Harindu Lakshan
  3. Sachintha Keddagodage
  4. Sakuntha Bimsara
  5. Kaveen Hyacinth
  6. Srilal Sachintha
  7. Nimesh Kavinda
  8. Rashan Hasaranga
  9. Thaanu Perera
  10. Senali Madawala
  11. Dinushi Dhananjani
  12. Chamoda Sankalpani