04/11/2020 Meeting Minutes - RSVP

Date: 04/11/2020

Title or Purpose: FOSS Project Discussion - Week 3


  1. Ganidu Abeysekara
  2. Harindu Lakshan
  3. Nimesh Kavinda
  4. Indukilana Botheju
  5. Senali Madawala
  6. Chamoda Sankalpani
  7. Dinushi Dhananjani


  • When creating an account, the account can be created only if the owner accepts it.
  • If the user has registered for a previous event, set the details to auto-fill when re-registering.
  • Adding the university to the registration form.
  • In the website, there should be a filter method to get to know whether that event is open or not. (According to our database records, if someone from another university, he or she cannot register for the close event)
  • There should be a person to test this site in every browser.
  • It’s better to use bootstrap to be a mobile responsive.